The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) offers a unique set of products and services that promote active learning and effective practices in teaching. Lessons are in english language according to IPC classbooks and the whole process is observed by team of academic experts from the most distinguished colleges from America. The program is for the children from three years old and our teachers are on training.


 The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) was founded to strengthen and harmonize early childhood education standards.


 Headquartered in the United States, the IPC‘s objective and research based curriculum meets the standards set by state departments and accreditation organizations.

 The IPC enjoys global recognition and works closely with governments to amend curricula materials if required to ensure local standard compliance. With the assistance of an advisory committee which consists of peers, consultants and academics, the IPC ensures the rigor and high quality of all published materials.


 The IPC also offers an extensive Teacher Training Program which culminates in the IPC Teaching Certificate.

 As a 6 month course, the program reinforces essential teaching skills and establishes a minimum standard for teaching practices in IPC schools.


 With over 300 prospective and full members and with representation on 6 continents, the IPC has established an authoritative position in the field of international early childhood education.


We are proud that that we are part of IPC team!

What distinguishes us from the others?

The basic principles for creating preschool program besides a holistic approach to child development and taking into account each child’s specificity as well as using play as an authentic way to learn include:


A combination of several world programs implemented into unique Kindergarden’s programKombinacija


Multifunctional space that adorns large rooms filled with daylight, divided into centers of interest equipped with the most modern equipment according to ecological conditions

ISO Standards

Kindergarden is widely known as kindergarten with world standards.


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