Health prevention

The basic tasks of health care are realized according to provisions of the law of social care and children, public law, health and sanitary control. Program includes different activities that promote normal psychophysical development of children, monitor children’s health through daily triage, early detection of developmental defects and corrective measures to create adequate sanitary and hygienic conditions as well as planning the nutrition of children.


Besides creating a positive impact on the overall development of children, organized child care requires additional measures to be implemented:


  • Improving the overall health care process, monitoring the process of proper nutrition and distribution of meals.
  • Fulfilling the educational program for children’s health - “Healthy kindergarten”
  • Organizing the children’s medical checkup before excursions


We are cooperating with Belgrade City Health Center (GZZZ) to make sure that the health and hygiene conditions in which children are staying are according to the norms. We also collaborate with the private clinic “DR Ristić” that provides a regular visit to the kindergarten by a pediatrician three times a month.


We regularly organize systematic physical examination, as well as physiatrist examinations to make sure that children’s development is properly observed.


During those checks, we are checking children’s vaccination history and keep the entire health documentation in order.


As an additional assurance measure we have a resident medical nurse taking care of your children during their stay in our institution.

What distinguishes us from the others?

The basic principles for creating preschool program besides a holistic approach to child development and taking into account each child’s specificity as well as using play as an authentic way to learn include:


A combination of several world programs implemented into unique Kindergarden’s programKombinacija


Multifunctional space that adorns large rooms filled with daylight, divided into centers of interest equipped with the most modern equipment according to ecological conditions

ISO Standards

Kindergarden is widely known as kindergarten with world standards.


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