A healthy and balanced diet for children, as well as for the adults, need to consist of a produces rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for child growth and development as well as to promote a healthy eating habits.


Nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of an organism.


Balanced diet is necessary for the fulfillment of the following conditions required for normal bodily functions:


  • Provides and maintains necessary energy
  • Enables proper bodily functions and processes - muscle function, immune system, bones and strength
  • Healing and development of human body



Proper diet is very important for oral health, especially for development of teeth. Balanced food intake, containing calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, fluoride and necessary vitamins is a prerequisite for healthy teeth.


Our menu is based on the principles of healthy nutrition and created according to children growth and development needs.


Our menu consists of breakfast, fruit snack, lunch and afternoon snack and is specially designed for each of age groups.


We put the children first and achieve the best results through team work of our employees. We are an international kindergarten, we respect the individuality of each child while taking care of any specific nutrition requirement.


Based on our concept to offer one-stop-shop to the parents, we are providing the food service for children while taking special care of meal schedule and food selection.


We take special care of food safety and have implemented food safety management system that have many control measures and procedures to ensure that we comply with SRPS EN ISO 22000:2007 standard. We are constantly improving them by following the contemporary regulations and best practice in the area of health and food safety.


Having all this in mind we have set the following goals:


  1. Maintain high level of food safety while achieving balanced energy and nutrition value of your child's meals
  2. Making sure that parents trust our choices related to quality and safety of the food we provide
  3. Constantly improve the level of competence of our employees related to food safety
  4. Establish internal communication to increase food safety
  5. Achieve excellent external communication with suppliers, partners and relevant third parties
  6. Properly resource to make sure that food safety management system is functioning properly


Our entire staff is committed to fulfill all necessary actions to comply with all the goals set within our food safety policy.


By following our food safety policy we assure originality and competitiveness in the preschool food market.


Our food safety policy is reevaluated once per year to make sure that it is effective and is publicly available.

What distinguishes us from the others?

The basic principles for creating preschool program besides a holistic approach to child development and taking into account each child’s specificity as well as using play as an authentic way to learn include:


A combination of several world programs implemented into unique Kindergarden’s programKombinacija


Multifunctional space that adorns large rooms filled with daylight, divided into centers of interest equipped with the most modern equipment according to ecological conditions

ISO Standards

Kindergarden is widely known as kindergarten with world standards.


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