Educational Work Program

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

· Educational work with children up to three years old

· Educational work with children from three years old up to preschool preparatory program

· Preschool preparatory program

Specialized program

· The IPC offers unique set of products and services that promote active learning and effective practices in teaching. Teaching is in English language according to the IPC program and classbooks and the whole process is observed by online team of academic experts of the most distinguished colleges in America. The program is for children from 3 years old and teachers are passing through the program that reinforces essential teaching skills and establishes a minimum standard for teaching practices in IPC schools.

·NTC program was created as a result of many years researching  in the development field of creative learning and thinking. The basic  of NTC program represents contemporary scientific discovery from the field of neuroscience and pedagogy with the aim to  devolp children’s creativity and functional knowledge. NTC program has got three stages of implementation. The first stage includes complex motor activities and exercises as dynamic accommodation of the eye, rotation, balance, motion. The second stage includes classifications of thoughts and associations. The third stage represents working on convergent and divergent development  of mind as well as functional knowledge. These three stages of NTC program include the sensomotor and cognitive development of the child. NTC program is implemented in 17 counrties in Europe.


Special Programs


· A child in the centre of sports

Our aim in the field of physical development is: proper growth and development, health preserving and strengthening , setting the basis for proper development of motor and functional abilities, development of  positive traits and habits, development of basic physical fixtures (strenght, endurance, speed, agility, precision, balance, proper holding, correction of flat soles) and coordination.


· A child in the centre of knowledge

Our aim in the field of cognitive development is: understanding of causal consequential relations, observing and understanding the occurrence in nature, developing awareness of relationships and correlations, creating opportunities and encouraging researching activities.


· A child in the centre of communication and creativity

Our aim is: developing and using the speech as an agent of establishing and maintaining interaction and as an agent of expression, developing abilities to verbalize thoughts and feelings, using the speech during the development of thought process, vocabulary enrichment , stimulation of communication and dramatic expression.


· A child in the centre of emotions

Our aim is: encouraging of emotional expression, developing of empathy, developing of self-respect, developing the skills for successful socialization, understanding and adoption of elementary values that are necessary for social community life.


· A child in the centre of culture and art

Our aim is: encouraging the development of imagination and creativity, familiarizing with cultural and artistic creations, developing the positive attitude for tradition and culture of other nations, understandin the process of keeping the environment.

What distinguishes us from the others?

The basic principles for creating preschool program besides a holistic approach to child development and taking into account each child’s specificity as well as using play as an authentic way to learn include:


A combination of several world programs implemented into unique Kindergarden’s programKombinacija


Multifunctional space that adorns large rooms filled with daylight, divided into centers of interest equipped with the most modern equipment according to ecological conditions

ISO Standards

Kindergarden is widely known as kindergarten with world standards.


Our partners